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Reza Motalebpour, Sales Representative

Reza Motalebpour在温哥华和多伦多均持有房产经纪的牌照。Reza二十多年从商经历使他在加拿大各省以及海外均建立了良好的人脉关系和合作伙伴,他在迪拜,塞浦路斯,温哥华,多伦多,和蒙特利尔等地区有丰富的房地产投资经验。 常年以来,Reza一直妥善管理自己的海内外地产投资。 Reza精通地产以及相关法律专业知识,帮助无数买家和卖家挑选他们心仪之家,他致力于高端独立屋,高档公寓以及住宅的投资。更值得一提的是,他为多家家族企业管理房产置业,移民规划以及海内外贸易投资。

At RM Luxury Homes, we specialize in the high-end real estate properties in the Greater Toronto Area. What is the difference between RM Luxury Homes and other realtors?  I am not a realtor. I am a businessperson with a license to trade real estate in the province of Ontario.

As a business owner and operator of multiple family entities, I understand the various aspects and risks of investments in properties. As an investor, it is important that when you are buying or selling property, you have the help of a professional who has personally experienced such a transaction previously with their own personal funds. Would you personally trust a professional on giving you advice on buying or selling a multi-million-dollar real estate if they have never experienced such a transaction previously with their own money?

Toronto is one of the largest real estate markets in Canada with over 70,000 licensed real estate professionals. It is overwhelming when trying to navigate the real estate market in Toronto. Having personal experience in buying and selling condos, townhouses, and single-family homes are what shaped my insight into the real estate market here.

As a property investor myself, I have lived and traded real estate in various parts of Canada including Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. I personally understand the challenges and frustrations when a large value transaction is taking place. The buyer and/or seller need an excellent team on their side to manage the transaction on their behalf.

Do you know the challenges of purchasing a property with a swimming pool?  There are many aspects to consider such as off-season inspections just to name one aspect of it.

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Experiente em investimentos imobiliários em Dubai, Chipre, Vancouver, Toronto e Montreal. Licenciado para lidar com imóveis em Vancouver e Toronto. Gerenciando seu próprio portfólio de imóveis. Especializado em casas independentes de alto padrão, condomínios de alto padrão e desenvolvimento de propriedades residenciais. Gestão de várias empresas familiares – experiência em trading, e imigração junto com imobiliário.

Are you aware of all your potential closing costs in advance?

Can you quickly obtain an estimate on all the potential repairs and renovation works that are needed for the property?

Is it a reliable condo with no pending complaints or legal issues in the provincial courts on the Condo Authority?

This is just a small glimpse into what you should expect from your real estate professional, representing you in the Toronto real estate market. Don’t settle for anything less. If your real estate representative has never purchased and managed the costs involved in a multi-million property, then you may be at a serious disadvantage.