small luxury homes plan you will love Small Luxury Farmhouse design

5 small luxury homes plan you will love

When you think about a luxury home, the first thing which would come in your mind will be the enormous facilities, beautiful décor, spacious rooms, and high tech products and so on. However, for small luxurious homes, things are not the same. In the small luxurious home, the feature of comfort and paradise comes along with practicality. You might think of doing exercise at home, watching movies, having to get together and such things but then these are not just fulfilled in big mansions, these could be achieved in small luxurious homes too. You need to plan things in the right manner thus, mentioned below are 5 small luxury homes plans which you will love.

Small Luxury Farmhouse design

Homes near Rosedale Gulf Club Toronto are of this category. In this kind of house, all around the construction, there is a porch left which people could enjoy and experience a happy life. In these kinds of houses, the rooms have built fireplace where people could feel cosy and enjoy. The dining area is together with a kitchen which is large which makes it all the more attractive. Not just this, The luxury farmhouse design has two bedrooms in which one has a walking closet and the other a huge attached bathroom.

Beach Style small luxury home plan

This kind of house is like a dream place where you will walk through crossing the screened entry porch which would be a great place for you to relax. Then you will find open great rooms which comprise of that have high ceilings plus inbuilt fireplace. However, more rooms are available on the upper floors because the lower floor has other areas such as kitchen, drawing room, dining etc.

Traditional style small luxurious home

These kinds of houses have spacious great rooms with proper dining area. It has a well-equipped kitchen plus eats in bars. The walk-in pantry is there which will leave you spellbound. These kinds of houses have spacious bathrooms which have separate showers and tubs to relax. Not to forget it has a walk in closet too.

Modern House Design with open floor plan

These houses have an eye-catching design that would amaze you at first glance only. A large kitchen, private bathroom with two sinks plus an outdoor deck will surely fascinate you. This kind of house is just a dream place which is cosy plus full of amenities.

Small Modern Luxury house plan

This kind of house has one story living where there are open floor designs. It has a modern kitchen which comprises an island, a pantry and a space for the dining area. It has a luxurious bathroom with two sinks. It would also have an Italian marble interior which would make the house look perfect.

Thus to conclude these kinds of options are best for small luxurious homes. They are easy to maintain, have all the facilities which provide the best comfort. Not just this, these kinds of places are affordable as well.